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    12232012 – A Day before Christmas Eve in the Santa Clarita Valley – Please don’t be offended

    It’s okay to say it.  C H R I S T M A S.  I guess the LAPD was ahead of the game when it came to not wanting to offend anyone.  Today is two days before Christmas.  We are local Santa Clarita real estate agents that don’t have difficulty saying “Christmas”.

    During my last few full time years as a Motor Cop with the LAPD, about 2002, I noticed that the department was trending away from saying “Merry Christmas”.  “Happy Holidays” was starting to be the norm. It started at the top of the organization and filtered down. It had to do with “sensitivity” amongst the citizenry of the city of Los Angeles.

    Santa Clarita merry christmas“If we say “merry Christmas” to someone that does not celebrate Christmas, we may offend them.  It’s better to say “happy Holidays.”

    That’s is quite caring and compassionate, but I think we lose some of ourselves in the attempt.  I also think It’s okay, even to someone that does not Celebrate Christmas to hear, “merry Christmas”.  That their tolerant for us too.

    I would not be offended in the least if someone were to tell me Happy Hanukkah or have a Merry Quanza.  It would not bother me at all, could it be that I am more “liberal” than most?

    I don’t think so.  I think something started with an idea and was embraced by those that wanted something to stand in the street and shake their fist at! I also think that too many people are being way too careful when it comes to the potential of hurting other people’s feelings.

    This year – Facebook caught this bug.  There are many posts about Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas.  And you can see that some people are passionate over the subject.  It is worse than saying the Pistons are better than the Lakers when at a Laker Game 🙂

    Be Safe – bottom line.  Have a Merry Christmas and we hope Santa gives you all you have been wanting.

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