12222012 – Questioning the integrity of your Real Estate agent

    Attention:  Not to be tried at home, only should be tried by Experienced Experts!

    After having placed forward my disclaimer, I have to inform you about something that does not happen very often – but does often enough to be offered for the betterment of our Santa Clarita real estate conversation and community.

    If you are going to question anyone’s integrity, your priest, your local law enforcement person, even your Santa Clarita Realtor – anyone for that matter, please have your facts straight before starting something that cannot be undone.

    Why would that matter?  Today, when we are much closer than ever, bad Kharma is not something you want floating around in your backyard.  Plus, to falsely accuse someone is plain bad for humanity, let me you give a recent example.

    Santa Clarita real estate q and aWe will use a generic name, not the name of our client.  We have a buyer agent that I hired because of her experience at New Housing.  New Housing and New construction in the Santa Clarita Valley is operated by an handful of different builders.  We have names like D.R. Horton, Pardee, S and S, Kaufman and Broad(KB), and Lennar.  With the attractiveness created by new housing and the numbers of new homes being sold – It was important that our Paris911 Brand at REMAX of Santa Clarita created our New Home Representation model.

    The New Home Builder Rep’s have their own lingo. They know the inner working of the builders, the time frames, the discount dates, the properties that are going to fall out of escrow, if future phases of homes released are going to be discounted – etc.  That is why I wanted to hire someone that had been with the New Home Builders locally for over 9 years as one of The Paris911 Buyers Agents.  She knows the in’s and out’s as they relate to new homes in Southern California.  She has worked for more than one builder and brings that “experience” to our Paris911 Team.  That is why we see our clients getting better “deals” at new housing, because of her insider knowledge.

    Before I get into our Story about Trust, Denial and Greed – I will say that for “buyers of real estate” – they should be able to buy a home without having anything like “commission” get in the way.  Who’s getting paid what and where that source of money is going to come from should not create a situation that prohibits a buyer of real estate from getting what they want.  For Example, if you are buying a home and you are within escrow if a  “money issue”  is created between agents regarding their commissions, they Should Not place your house closing in jeopardy.  I’m talking about issues that may be created with procuring cause and other Buyers Agent’s issues strictly with regard to the commission they are going to be earning.

    The same applies to New Housing.  If a new home builder is offering a commission to the Realtor who is the “procuring cause” at the new housing tract or new home builder location, they will not refrain to offering incentives, buy down discounts, and upgrades to those buyers that are “agent Represented” and those that just wander in off of the street and use the New Home builder’s real estate representative.  If there are incentives, upgrades and “Model/Lot discounts” being offered, they are going to be offered across the board.

    Some buyers think there is an advantage to only use the “home builders” representative.  That is simply not true.  That is why they have made commissions made available for your own Realtor   They know that some people would rather have their own real estate agent when buying new construction.  Someone that is on their side, someone they are comfortable with, and someone that can be the buffer between the New Home’s Agent and the New Home buyer.

    So, if you have a friend that calls the new home builder and says they want to buy a new home and ask if there are any discounts being offered, what do you think the representative will say?  Because they are in sales, if there is a single discount that is being given to purple people, born under the sign of Aquarius, buying Model 3 with the solar upgrade, they are going to answer “Yes, we have discounts” and they are not going to qualify their answer with, “Discounts being given for Purple people, born under the sign of Aquarius, buying Model 3, with the solar Upgrade only to get the discount…”

    The way we “remedy’d” this apparent inaccuracy was to bring the new home builder’s representative, our client and my New Home Agent on a conference call to get to the bottom of what our client’s friend was told.  It worked out in the end, but only time will tell if, whether or not, the damage that was done is able to be overcome.(a bit of poetry 🙂 )

    Just know, that if your real estate agent is still in the Local Real Estate business during this market, and if they have been for some time, they are probably building their business model off of “relationships” and not “fast sales”.  They should have an on-line presence with regard to Local Real Estate.  They should be adding to the “value” prospect within their industry.  You should always ask them when issues arise.  Never let anything, such as feeling as if you were misled – fester for more than a few minutes.  Call them and ask before working yourself into a frenzy.

    Be Safe – It’s almost Christmas – looking forward to only working a few hours that day 🙂  Click here to look at Santa Clarita real estate images on Google Images.  Lots of Good Looking people and homes. 

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