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    12132012 – No more repetitive digit’s in the date and how to protect yourselves from HOA questions

    BTW – this education is Evergreen – the rules laid out below are from real estate experiences gained since our full time start in the Santa Clarita real estate world in 1998.  This content and the ways to handle HOA’s will always be the same – enjoy reading and let us know when you are ready to be helped.

    The 12-12-12 – audios – today is 12-13-12 – and we are happy for that, if anyone out there is a numerologist – let us know what the heck that means.  But for the rest of you, you may want to check out this audio post about the HOA and the best ways in which to protect yourselves when dealing with them during escrow or during the pre escrow phase of buying a home.

    While your real estate agent wants the best for you, they are not the best contact point with the Home Owners Association you may be buying into.  In fact, in California – it is best left to the buyer to call the HOA with any questions, concerns or comments.  The buyer of any Santa Clarita real estate that is working with out team is given the phone number to HOA, a contact name and let loose.  They call and get the skinny on the “real rules” those that are enforceable and those that the HOA has abandoned.

    Of course, you will always, during escrow, have a full copy of the CC&R’s given to you.  The CC&R’s are Conditions, Convenants and Restrictions.  AKA – Da Rulez….   The Rules pertaining to the HOA.  It may be the best thing a buyer can do is calling the HOA and speaking with their contact people.  Ask questions that pertain to the community you are buying into and get specifics.  Write down names, dates and times of your call.

    Here is a small “Why”, if the representative tells you that you can have as many dogs as you want and there is no restriction on number or size – you think, “Great, my 3 – 100 pound dogs are going to be happy as lambs…” – After you move into the home, successfully closing escrow, you get a letter from the HOA telling you that you cannot have more than two dogs and they have to be less than 60 pounds each.  They also will send you “chapter and verse” within the same letter in Quotations.

    Believe it or not, this is true.  We had a similar situation occur to us while living in a particular Valencia CA Real Estate association.  They have a very strong HOA and there is a rule that you cannot wash your car in public – it is contained within the CC&R’s – I must have missed it.

    One sunny day, I’m washing my police motorcycle in the drive way.  I thought nothing of it, but a fella on a bicycle was riding by, took a picture, and continued.  Public street – etc., I had nothing to hide, or so I thought.  I received a letter the next day from the HOA telling me that It was against the rules for anyone to wash any vehicle in public view.  They also quoted me chapter and verse.  I could not believe it.  I got the rule against parking a Class A motor-home in a driveway – the driveways are not big enough to hold one.  I also understood the rule about parking a boat on the street – Understood that one.  But, washing my police motorcycle.  Yes, it is true and it is enforceable by the HOA.

    One more reason you should call yourself and not leave it in the hands of your most capable Santa Clarita real estate agent.  Your realtor has a vested interested in the sale of the home to you. It’s called their commission.  They are going to get paid when the deal closes.  Your real estate agent may have been given bad intel by the HOA when they called, but how can you prove that?  You will take their world for it and they you will think they lied to you to get you to buy the home.  Best Advice – Call yourself, get names, write down dates and times.

    This may change your mind about searching with the Real estate syndication websites.  Have a look at the map below for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities homes for sale.  The below properties are actually for sale – Active Listings – compare these numbers with the syndication websites – you may be surprised to see they are showing many more listings that are supposedly available and active for sale.  Who’s telling you the truth?  Let us know and be safe:


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