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    • 12072012 – Buyers working with multiple agents when buying Real Estate

    12072012 – Buyers working with multiple agents when buying Real Estate

    Never by chance – We gave a glimpse of how we keep on top all of the real estate news.  The Old “Google Reader” Trick.  Watch the video to get an idea of where our minds are at and how you can join our “SCV Newsletter” to keep abreast of all of the most recent intel.

    Unemployment numbers rang in at 7.7% – Lowest level since 2007.  That is one of the indicators we watch within the economy to gauge if we are on a “healing” path or not.  It would seem that housing is starting to recover, but the doom and gloom of the fiscal cliff is ever pressing.  Time will tell as this plays out. – Q1 next year – Quarter one.

    Luxury homes in Valencia CAWe were the agents of choice for a recent “paris911” convert 🙂 that interviewed three agents.  The story goes that yesterday, our new client walked into a Real Estate office in the San Fernando Valley.  He had an appointment with an agent that “specialized” in the San Fernando Valley.  He sat down in some type of meeting room with this agent and proceeded to explain to her that he was working with an Agent in the Simi Valley Area, he was looking for one in the Santa Clarita Valley area, and he was interviewing agents in the San Fernando Valley area – which brought him in.

    Apparently, there was not much else said, except “Good Bye”.  The agent said she would not be part of his real estate purchase if she could not be the exclusive agent.  Our clients idea is to hire a single local expert in the area’s which he would entertain living and purchasing a residence.  I get that – But apparently this SFV agent did not.  She mandated Exclusivity – She would not be the part of some tri level “agent’s house of cards”.  I suppose, I get that – What if one of the other two agents finds this guy a home that he likes after I have spent hours and hours with him showing properties and writing offers?

    The way I look at it – Why Not?  The scenario would be much different if he refused to give his commitment to me and only me within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  But that Local Agent thing is something we talk about a lot…

    The weekend is coming up – Open Houses are going to be held – Check out the top Resource for finding the Santa Clarita open houses.  You can head over to the Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the macBoX the words “open houses” to access the portal.  You will see a map of the Santa Clarita Valley – you can also use this open house map engine to search anywhere else in Southern California.  You will also see open house “dates”.  Choose the dates you wish to see what homes are being held open in the SCV.  However, a word of caution – the closer you search nearest the date you are going to go view – even on the day of – the results are going to be much more accurate.  Agents wait until the last minute to show a home as going to be held open in the MLS system.

    p.s. – You can also head directly to Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com!!!

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