12032012 – Buyer to pay agent even more money for their Negotiators fee

    With so much going on within the Fiscal Cliff where real estate is related – could someone else have saved us?  Time will tell, but if you are interested in getting a daily update – don’t forget your access point to our Daily Santa Clarita radio show.  Head over to our MacboX resource and type into it the word “daily”.

    We have built a Relocation page for Westridge in Valencia CA.  We made it so that our clients can get better intel when considering relocating to Westridge CA.  We also put together a main Westridge page within our Santa Clarita Realty Website at Paris911 dot com.  Check them out and thanks for viewing.

    Lifestyle searches for the real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley.  This one is awesome.  With so many search engines that are Lifestyle searching for Santa Clarita real estateeverywhere on-line, this one is quite different.  It gives you all of the options you will want when searching for Santa Clarita residential real estate.

    All of the homes that are currently for sale in each of the Santa Clarita Cities are all populating our Lifestyle search map.  We are one of a few agents that bought this platform when it had just entered the market.  When I see something that will benefit our clients, I jump on it. Click on the Lifestyle Card for access.

    Here are the Santa Clarita real estate radio show notes:

    • December 3, 2012 – Santa Clarita real estate update
    • Access offered to you by typing in the word Daily into the MacBoX
    • 365 days a year – this comes your way
    • Only subscribe to our updates that come on a bi-monthly basis
    • 1st and 15th of every month
    • Some updates – information given to us by seeking a short sale agent
    • Experts in Short Sales are all over the place
    • committed member of their staff – negotiator of short sales
    • Should a buyer pay for the short sale sellers negotiation fee
    • Buyers – paying more to the realtor when buying a home
    • Hidden fee – not on the face of the MLS listing sheet
    • The counter offer is where they place that fee for the short sales
    • constrictive inventory = more in commission – be safe and careful
    • is it legal for a listing agent charge a negotiation fee on their short sale listing
    • How about for FHA and VA loan types – is it legal to pay if the buyer wanted too?
    • Foreclosures and bank owned properties – access is by typing in the word Foreclosures into the mACBox
    • Short sale also works – type short sales into the macboX at paris911
    • Awesome 2 bedroom home – larger – on three acres – newer construction
    • Two lots – Standard Sale up on Bouquet Canyon
    • Stay loyal to your real estate agent
    • I don’t have any hair because of genetics and because I shave


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