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    • 11302012 – Santa Clarita real estate disclosure cuts two ways and new listings for sale

    11302012 – Santa Clarita real estate disclosure cuts two ways and new listings for sale

    The Santa Clarita real estate market has had some interesting events as of late – one of those being new inventory has been placed onto the market within the last 24 hours – that includes the following Stats for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    • 9 new Santa Clarita real estate listings have been placed onto the Santa Clarita housing market for sale – to view these listings head over to our Top Santa Clarita Realtor’s website and type into the MacBoX the word “new” without the quotes.
    • We have also seen 8 Santa Clarita properties that have had their prices changed within the last 24 hours in the SCV.  The Top Santa Clarita real estate websiteThis can be attributed to a bank that within the negotiation time-frame, reducing or increasing a price on a short sale.  It could also be that the buyer’s appraiser shot down the value of the home established by the short sale bank.
    • 3 of the Santa Clarita homes that were for sale have BOM’d – Back on Market.  They were in escrow or within the process for the negotiation of a short sale, but something happened.  The Buyer did not want to continue the escrow process in the purchase of the property.  So they cancelled and the property re-entered the real estate market.
    • 5 SCV homes entered the Back-up offer status in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Meaning, 5 happy Santa Clarita real estate buyers got what they wanted, at least for now.  It could be that the properties they are buying are short sales.  That being the case, no one knows if they will go the distance and become approved and then successfully negotiate escrow.
    • Homes that have entered a “more secure” form of escrow – known as Pending Status – that number for the SCV cities pending real estate is 8.  When an agent has a listing that is for sale and they have an offer enter the picture, after the seller selects the buyer, the property enters escrow.  The Santa Clarita Realtor has a couple of choices on which way they want the home to render within the world of the Multiple Listing Service.  They can choose Back up or they can choose Pending.  The Back up status choice still has the home showing active on most of the real estate syndication websites (some think this is a misleading action).  If the agent chooses Pending, the listing should show as not being available – but that is not the case with some of the real estate syndication websites.  (LOL – there is a picture forming here 🙂 )

    The best thing you can do is Disclose – as a buyer or a seller, if you have to ask yourself the question of whether or not you should reveal something, you probably should.  As real estate agents in the Santa Clarita valley that work with many buyers, I can tell you that 100% of buyers appreciate knowing the truth about a property.  The same holds true of Sellers.  At the time we are working with sellers, sometimes the buyers are not disclosing the things they need too.

    Case and Point, some issues that have occurred in the past, regarding the buyers credit.  The buyer did not disclose this issue to their lender – the lender, at first glance, did not see this “un disclosed issue”.  Time goes on, the buyer’s agent writes an offer, the offer gets accepted and escrow is entered.  All while the buyer had not been up front with their lender/agent.

    Inspections are done, investigations are conducted and the seller is packing, moving and making arrangements to vacate their Santa Clarita Home.  Then, some other entity within the Lending Process discovers the “issue” that they buyer was not upfront about.  The escrow falls apart because the buyer cannot get a loan.

    We have a rule we abide by.  If you have to ask me if you should disclose something – then you should 🙂

    Be Safe – Have a GREAT Friday and thanks to Paris MacIvor and Laura Coffey for hosting their Annual Sparks of Love charity event at Salt Creek Grill.  BE Safe and talk soon.

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