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    • 11212012 – Twas the day before Thanksgiving in Santa Clarita and all through

    11212012 – Twas the day before Thanksgiving in Santa Clarita and all through

    “Twas the day before Thanksgiving in Santa Clarita, and all through the house there were no Foreclosures stirring because they had all been doused….”

    Good Day – It’s the day before Thanksgiving, whether you are in Santa Clarita CA or not. 🙂

    The Paris911 Team wishes you and yours the best Thanksgiving to date and we hope you have many more and are Blessed to the Hilt.

    In Real Estate – the day before thanksgiving, the machine does not show down. Yesterday the Paris911 Team machine had a Video Produced by Yelp that I think was quite nice. I just would have rather they used the camera that subtracts the 10 pounds than the one that adds it. click here to view the Connor MacIvor, I am Realtor hear me roar -Video 🙂

    It has never been hard for us to talk about the real estate market and the reasons we are where we are today. Today, we have a lot of real estate buyers. Some are first time buyers and some are at a point in their lives where they are able to buy their dream home. Others are in the middle of the crowd. In all of the cases, buying a home has never been harder. click here to see the Santa Clarita real estate inventory charts for yourself

    You may log onto a local real estate website that is telling you different. Somebody that is attempting to tell you what you want to hear. ‘It’s easy, it will be fast, you will be in escrow before no time…” Come see my Paris911 Team after you realize you had been duped. Or you can save this step and come see us during the time you are interviewing multiple real estate agents seeing who is the best fit for your needs. – Either way – come see us…

    Getting the real estate intelligence reports. You can tune into any of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, either by zip code or by city name. You can do this at our Report pages within the Top Santa Clarita Real Estate’s MaCBoX. When you arrive at our Santa Clarita Paris911 REMAX site, type into the macBoX the word reports – REPORTS -. When you do you will be taken to a page where we have placed our Executive report summaries and Market Snapshot reports. Each one is available at ZERO cost and without further obligation. Once you choose your poison, you will start to receive the most current housing reports for the Santa Clarita city of your choosing every week. And of course, as with all of our Paris911 systems, you can opt out at any time… Click here for a direct link to the Santa Clarita real estate market reports

    Be safe this Thanksgiving, and if you are traveling, make is doubly so. Let us know when you are ready for our help with your Housing Needs. Please subscribe to our newsletter below by opting in and entering your email. This is a bi monthly system. It is personally built and sent my me. No spam, your personal information is not sold, traded, or given out to anyone. It is guaranteed to stay within our protective custody from the moment you enter it below until you opt out(if you do) and beyond. You can also click here to subscribe to our updates also…


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