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    • 11102012 – A Military veteran scores a free home from Chase Bank

    11102012 – A Military veteran scores a free home from Chase Bank

    With so many Veteran buyers being beaten up today when wanting to buy a home, it’s kind of nice that Chase stepped up and gave away a free home to a military veteran.

    Veterans have always been “under the gun” literally – when it comes to protecting and serving this country. No matter what side of the political fence you are on – I think we all can agree, The Military is necessary and totally underpaid.

    VA – Get on the stick!!!

    It would have been nice to see Veteran Loans and those written on residential real estate being held in the highest of regard.  That is not the case.  Veterans loans are seemingly the least desirable from a real estate sellers perspective.  Here are a few objections we hear when we write VA offers for our clients.

    • The VA appraiser is going to undercut my sellers home’s true value and cost them money
    • The VA appraiser will ask for too many items to be repaired
    • The VA loan itself is going to take more than 45 days to complete

    Agents – educate your sellers about VA

    Most sellers argue that if they accept a conventional 20% down buyer or cash they can get more $$$ for their home, close faster and with less out of pocket expense.

    Survey Says…..  Drumroll Pleae……  True 🙁  It up to the VA to change their “approval” policies and bring the VA loan back to the Top of the Heap when it comes to being the accepted offer.  When we can get a Veterans offer accepted for our Santa Clarita real estate buyers, they are great and get the job done with very few of the issues most sellers expect.

    What planet do the VA appraisers come from?

    Who are the VA appraisers?  They are the same appraisers that are used by conventional loans and those that are reconned by FHA.  They are appraisers that have the “training, experience and certification” to conduct appraisers for the Veterans Administration.  They are not aliens 🙂  However, the guidelines and parameters that VA sets forth and applies to their appraisers is more strict than the other lending types.

    Real Estate Q and A – Questions and Answers to your real estate questions.  If you want to get the best advice and be mentioned on our Real Estate Q and A radio show – click here to access our Ask a Real Estate Question page.

    Regular, run of the mill, standard variety, Santa Clarita homes for sale – Here is the most recent addition to the Santa Clarita real estate for sale that we are working hard for the sellers with regard to finding a buyer.  The below property is located in the city of Valencia CA in zip code 91355.  If you are looking for real estate in any one of the Santa Clarita valley cities – please reach out to our team, we can help…  BE Safe and talk soon…

    [idx-listings zip=”91355″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”513″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”1″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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