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    • 11082012 The Top Scams to watch out for in Santa Clarita Rental real estate

    11082012 The Top Scams to watch out for in Santa Clarita Rental real estate

    It is not the fault of the new real estate agents, it is the fault that the older ones not giving them the property education.  It is up to those of us Real estate agents that have “time on the Job” and “time in the trenches of real estate” to keep the new real estate agents from the wrong focus.  “Do not focus on the money to be earned – focus on the client!!!”

    The longer you are in the sales business, the more important you will see that the clients are.  They should always be held in the highest of regard.  It should always be their needs, wants and desires that come before anything else.  Barring the placing of their safety and protection in jeopardy.

    We teach this and want our clients to understand that is the way it should be.  I was reading reviews on Yelp a couple of days ago – and the “fast talking” sales person’s days are severely numbered.  With the advent of the latest in Review Sites – an Bad real estate agent is only one step away from total demise.

    That is if the potential clients is a believer in “on line” reviews.  It could be that those agents had their family and friends go onto those review platforms and make up reviews.  However, the chances of this happening on the more “reputable” review websites is slim to none.

    We love Yelp and Google Reviews.  There are others – but these two seems to be the the few where a business owner cannot buy “good reviews” and top placement on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).  Click here to visit our Santa Clarita Real Estate on Yelp business page.

    Moving into the real estate news – we are seeing some new games being played when it comes to distressed real estate.  We are watching as Santa Clarita renters and tenants are being door-knocked by scammers stating they are with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, after their landlord has defaulted on their mortgage.  Conning the Renter or Tenant into giving up money for extensions and playing other games with even the “foreclosed against” home owners.  The way you can stop this, (or prevent yourselves from being taken), from happening is to make sure you are asking for the proper credentials.  Not just a business card either.  More verifiable id – if they are who they say they are, you have it and if they are not – you have acquired something the cops can go after…  And if they are who they say they are – they are not going to have a problem coming with a more verifiable type of ID, like a California Drivers License – etc.

    Also – if they are calling you on the phone and want you to give up any of your personal information. Ask them for their phone number so you can call back to verify who they are. If they refuse to give you their phone number or make up some BS excuse that their system does not allow for you to call in. Hang up – they are trying to scam you!!!

    Is the debt forgiveness act going to be approved to assist our Santa Clarita short sale sellers?  We will know more on the 13th of November – stay tuned for our Daily Santa Clarita real estate updates. Be Safe and let us know if we can help you.  My BEST.

    These are the top three short sale listings we are currently marketing that have Private Pools in the City of Valencia CA.  If you are not seeing three of these homes below – they are currently not available.  Work with local real estate professionals to get what you want when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate.

    [idx-listings linkid=”286103″ count=”3″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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