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    • 11052012 – The Waiving of Appraisal Contingencies enforced by real estate sellers

    11052012 – The Waiving of Appraisal Contingencies enforced by real estate sellers

    “With all of the mis-information in the world about real estate, prices, the best way to sell and the best agents to hire, it’s a wonder anything gets done…” – connor macivor

    Over Priced real estate

    Yes, I said it and I will say it again.  If you are a real estate seller, or even a buyer that has encountered a sellers “way over priced” home in a unstable real estate market with “hard line approaches” to appraisals you should take heed.  It is not the buyers that you have to concern yourselves with Mr. Mrs. Seller – it is the appraisers that are representing the bank loaning them the money to buy your home.

    Removing Appraisal Contingencies

    It maybe that your real estate agent is telling you they can force the buyers to waive their appraisal contingencies.  That would be super – but there are other contingencies that are in place allowing the buyer to back out of the deal.  Also, do you really want to attempt to lock someone in so they cannot change their mind when deciding to buy your home?  If you were a buyer, would you appreciate that being pitched to you?

    Buyers don’t have to panic.  If they truly love the home and the seller is forcing their hand at having them remove their appraisal contingency the buyer can decline to purchase their home for other reasons.

    Appraisal guidelines changed

    Today, homes are being appraised like never before.  The appraisers report does not stand on it’s own.  It is looked over, reviewed and scrutinized by others that are now involved in the evaluation process for real property.  In the past – during the height of the real estate market – the appraisers were like gods…  Today, they are viewed as just another component to the real estate buying, selling, re-finance process and they are Fallible!!!

    Get Market Reports for SCV – click here

    How about those Market updates for the Santa Clarita Valley.  I’m writing this daily post and I have not peeked into the market research we just had completed by our independent research firm compiling the Santa Clarita market data.  We will have that super soon.  I think we are going to show signs of being flat for most of the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  To view these reports for yourselves – head over to our MacBoX resource – type the words “market updates” into it without the quotes.  Choose the most recent market reports and click on the PDF you are interested in for the city you desire Intel about.  If you just want to get a report – head over to our MacBoX resource – at the top of the Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type in the word “Reports” into the MacboX…

    Termite Inspection appointment.  Two new Buyer meetings at my offices. Breaking in a new Paris911 Buyers Agent. And a few other things that Make Monday the busiest day of the week in Santa Clarita real estate…

    Top Acton CA listing for sale

    This is the Top Listing with 5 bedrooms in Acton California that was listed recently.  We are looking for buyers that are interested in this and other real estate currently.  With the shortage of listings that are truly available for sale – we are also wanting to meet those wishing for us to represent them with selling their homes.  Be Safe – Talk soon and thanks for reading and listening 🙂

    [idx-listings city=”Acton” minbeds=”5″ statuses=”1″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”1″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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