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    • 10302012 – It is no longer about me – It should always be about you…(the client)

    10302012 – It is no longer about me – It should always be about you…(the client)

    When it comes down to it – the Foreclosures are not really missing, they are just being handled a bit differently.  We have pretty good Intel that most are being handled at Bulk Sales.  Those clever banks…  Read that story to be up to speed on the Bulk Sale process.

    We are agents, hear us write :)We just got giddy with it on most of our blog platforms.  As you know, we are number two in the world on Google when it comes to REMAX Relocation inquires.  With that and .50 cents we can get a cup of coffee.  However, when we list a home, it does get global coverage thanks to our brand couple with REMAX’s Brand.  We just put the 5 most attractive homes in Valencia CA with at least 4 bedrooms that fit best for those of you looking to relocate to Valencia CA – Within the SCV.  click here to see which ones and why.

    Market Updates – Yes, we are on our way to getting this weeks Santa Clarita realty intel together – it will be placed on our Realtor Blog that talks to those of you contemplating Selling real estate – but the buyers of the world can use it to their best advantage too!  When it has been completed and the downloaded PDF’s are in place – you can click here to view them.  You will see that we have each city covered – we also split our reports into two different types.  Those that apply to the Single Family Residences and the others that reference the condo and town-homes in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    If you are interested in viewing the latest SCV market updates, head over to our Main SCV real estate website and type the words “market updates” in to the MaCBox at the top of the screen.  Choose the most recent update and enjoy.  If you want to subscribe to this data and get these reports emailed directly to you from our independent research company, go to the same top website and type in the word “Reports”, without the quotes.  Many Thanks.

    We are tops in the Google Search engine – and Bing Too – name your poison – if anyone thinks they can do this “getting on page 1” stuff without writing content that is valuable to those that have questions related to your type of business – think again!!!

    The latest in a series of questions comes from Donne’ – he asked the following question on our Google Plus Page via Messenger, “Connor, how is it that I have friends that bought a home and they don’t even have a job???”

    Brother Donne’ – Although I don’t know the particulars of your friends purchasing a home while being unemployed – there is a type of loan known in the lending circles as “stated income”.  That means that a job is not a prerequisite to obtaining this type of loan.

    However, money in the bank, potential income sources and other variables are.  While it may have appeared that your friends are “curting” the home buying requirements – it is very hard today for lenders to do anything that is not “above board”.  If they do and get caught, they will lose their ability to finance real estate and earn a living.

    I hope this helps and if you need any more intel – head over to our MacBoX resource and type in the word email into it and ask your questions, add your concerns and comments about our Santa Clarita real estate daily show.

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