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    10212012 – Is today your day to find the home of your dreams and dumping your real estate agent

    It could be, but its probably not.  With today’s constrictive real estate inventory, you are probably wondering if it will ever be?  You may have even had it with your real estate agent and want to switch tracks.  However, don’t be too hasty.  Check into what they are doing when it comes to searching.  Ask them directly and see if there is anything they can do better.

    That is if you think they are worth the work.  I know how we feel about our real estate clients, as do many successful Santa Clarita Realtors, the client is the end all to our business.  They are always worth the effort no matter how difficult they are.  It is all about the client and never about us and our needs. 🙂

    Doesn’t that sound like a relationship from heaven?  When we have clients contact us that have been working with other agents they usually ask us if there is anything we would do different than their current Santa Clarita real estate agent.  I always answer this question in the same way, “I don’t know, I don’t know what they do…”  The next step if for this prospective client is to come into our offices to meet with me or one of my BEST SCV buyers agents, to get a game plan built.  If by the end of our Real Estate game plan presentation, they don’t see any difference between their current agent and out team, I want them to return to their current Realtor.

    If you are feeling a bit “behind the curve” when it comes to your real estate agent giving you results, ask the directly how they are searching for real estate.  How are they searching for homes on the “re sale” market.  Are they including any of the homes that are not on the market for sale and how are they accessing the pocket listings?  Do they have a process in place to approach distressed homeowners for their real estate buyers?  This works great in some cases.  The buyers get what they want and the “distressed home owner” gets relief without having his home publicized all over the Internet and in the public real estate forums.

    If you want to send us an email wanting more information about our programs or to ask us we do anything different from your current agent – click here.

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