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    • 10202012 Rental Scammers in Santa Clarita and the SCV abandoned properties

    10202012 Rental Scammers in Santa Clarita and the SCV abandoned properties

    We have two outlets for you and yours when you come across what you suspect to be a reatal scam.  In fact, we have some of our clients fall prey to the Rental Scammers.  A Rental scammer is someone that does not have permission or authority by way of the owner of a property to rent or lease Connor MacIvor with Paris911 Teamit.  In fact, they are scamming the good people that only want to rent or lease a home.  They have no authority from the owner.  No REAL Contract with wet signatures.  They, for the most part, don’t want to lease anything – they just want to scam you out of your personal information and money.  Typically those leasing properties when they are legit ask for your SS number to have your credit run and payment to do so.  If you are in – then the real money starts to change hands – First months rent, last’s months rent and security deposit.  Don’t give any of this out to the “person posing as the leasing agent, until you have verified who they are.

    If you want more information about the Rental Scams in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, please click here to view one of the top rental and lease resources in the Santa Clarita Valley and a video on how to keep safe when approaching a rental or lease.

    If you want to help finding a rental or having one of your properties leased/managed – We have the Hook Up for That – Drop us a line below this text:

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    The other word on the radar comes from the “abandoned” property front.  Some of the abandoned properties do their best to kill an already “depressed” market.  The way to solve this puzzle is to find out who the owner is.  Is the owner a bank, you can deduce that by going to your local Santa Clarita realtor and asking them to pull title on the home in question, so they can be contacted to get their property secured before squatters or fire enter the home.

    We happen to have a resource for the abandoned real estate all across the United States of America.  If you click here to get to our Abandoned property real estate page, we will take care of the rest.

    I’m heading off to bed – it’s 2am here in Las Vegas and I am on a guys trip.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow and if you need anything, let me know.

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