10072012 – Avoid being trapped at Santa Clarita Open Houses

    Thanks for checking out our Santa Clarita real estate daily show for everything that is real estate.  Today is Sunday and one of my staff are preparing at this early hour for an open house at one of our listings in Valencia California at 23003 Posada in Valencia CA.  Click the link below this text to view this Valencia CA home.

    Valencia CA Real Estate for sale with RV parking
    (click through twice to view the PDF and Pretty Pictures) 

    Sunday Updates for the Santa Clarita Valley cities are about Open Houses.  Some of the open houses you may visit on a weekend or a weekday is being hosted open when they are actually not really available for sale.  “Yes, you heard that right.”  Some of the properties that are are having an open house are in escrow with an executed contract from a buyer.

    By REMAX's Paris911 Team

    Others may not be on the market at all, but where the listing agent is doing a bit of self-promotion and pre-marketing.

    Further Still – Here I go – some Santa Clarita open houses are strictly being used as an excuse to flood the streets with Open House signs and to attract buyers so they can be made the “Open house agent’s”.  If you were to want to buy one of these types of homes being held open and you had your chosen real estate representative write up the offer – it would eventually found out the home was not really for sale.

    GET YOUR OWN AGENT!!!  I cannot tell you how important this step is.  At new housing centers – at a resale home – with a bank owned foreclosure – any real estate listing, home, condo or town-home that is for sale – GET YOUR OWN AGENT!!!  Reason?  You need someone that is 100% in your corner – always.  Especially when you are dealing with something needing to be financed for 30 years.

    Have you seen our Mobile Capable Santa Clarita open houses website?  We have built an engine that will show you all of the open houses being conducted on a specific day of your choosing.  If you were to go and search at Santa Clarita open houses right now – you would literally see dozens of real estate homes, condo’s and town-homes being help open in the Santa Clarita Valley. BTW – if you have a smartphone – log onto Santa Clarita Open Houses – dot com and make sure the open house you are at is really for sale on the Multiple Listing services.

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