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    10052012 – Interest rates at all time lows – “Don’t you go a changing”

    With the record low interest rates, our buyers are getting more excited and wanting to take delivery of their real estate faster than usual. “Our buyers are wanting to move in Find me a Santa Clarita mortgage brokerwhile the moving’s hot and while interest rates are low”, commented Paris MacIvor about some of the buyers she is working with.  Click here to read the story about Ultra Low and Record Breaking interest rates. BTW, if you are in escrow on a real estate transaction – give us a yell and we will give you something you can ask your lender if you are locked at a higher rate than being offered currently.

    REfi’s – Yes, we have resources for that. Go to the number 1 visited website operated by Local SCV agents and type into the MacBoX at the top of the screen – find me a lender…  We will run the ball from there for you.

    Make sure you are keeping touch with your lender if you are in some part of escrow.  You are going to want to keep the information they have updated and fresh. Also – don’t go out and buy anything while you are waiting for escrow to close on the home you are buying. This can be a “deal killer” if the bank that is loaning you the money decides to give your credit a check one last time.  You would be surprised how much this does happen.  BE careful and if you have any doubts before you finance anything, pay anything off, or quit any job – call your real estate agent or your lender first!!!

    Checking the new real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita is important if you want to stay on top of what’s going on in the local venue.  Also, make sure you real estate agent is checking the listings that hit the market for sale multiple of time per day.


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