10042012 – You may not be seeing every available home for sale

    This AM – I was on the treadmill and discovered a story, not so unlike one that I had done 2-3 months ago about some of the fallacies of searching for homes on-line.

    I talked about some of the “fall out” points that a home buyer can experience when using Non Local real estate search systems. If you are looking to buy a home, one of the best questions you can ask before searching on-line is, “How do I want to search for homes?”

    Do I want a bunch of agents contacting me at my first inquiry? Do I want my personal and private information given or sold to any other party? Do I care if my “real estate habits” are being tracked? Do I want to search at a website where I can see every single listing for sale or am I good with looking at listings that have been sold but are being kept showing active?

    These are great questions – most of them, when answered in the affirmative, will have you searching on non-local and non-IDX driven websites. The IDX powered websites are only available to local real estate agents that are working for a Broker of Record. These will be local Agents sites that have developed a tech savvy flair for the giving of active real estate listings to their clients via the “Writing of Content”. click here to find out more about IDX

    In my article I talked about using a on-line website that you would know and myself conducting a search for Valencia Single Family Homes that had three bedrooms.

    After searching I discovered the site said there were 132 available listings that were currently for sale matching the exact criteria I entered. That was the only criteria I entered – Valencia CA, only three bedroom Single Family Residences – only active homes for sale.

    I then went onto our Paris911 Real Estate Search Systems, that is driven by the internet data exchange (IDX), I came up with 54 active listings for Valencia CA – the criteria remained the same. I only searched for three bedroom single family homes that were currently for sale in Valencia CA.

    How is there a discrepancy between my website’s search engine and the one I used on one of the Large Syndication Real Estate websites? While that answer may not be totally clear, I do know that we get calls from prospective clients that are tired of being ran around the proverbial tree. They only want to view the active “for sale” inventory. They hate to be tricked or manipulated into giving up their personal information only to have it monetized.

    Having to register on a website to search for real estate – I get that. But to have your personal information sold to a multitude of “hungry” real estate agents, that’s just plain rude.

    Be Safe – here is to GREAT Searching. If you want to continue to get our Bi Monthly updates that we do about the Current State of the Santa Clarita real estate market, foreclosure intel, and the BEST deals in the real estate world – enter your email address below this text and you will be automatically subscribed to the RE/MAX of Santa Clarita’s Paris911 Team’s Realty Intel. Or you can click here to subscribe

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