10012012 – Ever felt a boa constrictor around your neck?

    Have you ever? I have not, but I have felt a larger Boa constrictor tighten around my arm when he/she was a bit nervous. It seems that ever time I relaxed a little more, she increased her grip.

    Some of the buyers in today’s market feel as if a Boa has them in a choke hold. They are becoming more and more frustrated with the agents that are representing them. They are also filling out the forums and asking more questions than usual for this time of year.

    We have been in the trenches representing buyers and the majority of the frustration comes from first time or veteran buyers not being told what to expect when approaching the real estate buying plate. Most agents are keeping their clients out of the loop when it comes to any type of real estate or buyers briefing. Click to sign up for our Real Estate crash course!Their education as far as current market trends and what to expect with their real estate journey should be step number one.

    I know that it takes time having to meet with each and every client. Even if some may not pan out to be able to buy a home today. But, that is always worth the time invested, even if there is no $$$ to be earned in the near future. Time always comes back around, especially when one approaches the giving of that time with a clean heart.

    We have some new resources that will keep you on top of the current real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita valley cities. Go to Paris911 dot com and type the word “NEW” into the MacBoX for further intel and to see what new listings have just been added to our for sale inventory. You can also use the word “inventory” in the same MacBoX to view how we are currently trending in each of the specific cities in the SCV. Be Safe – Talk soon!!!

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