09242012 – Santa Clarita Update, bulk sales are happening

    Bulk Sales are starting to become more and more prevalent in today’s real estate market.  In fact, we are watching as hedge funds, investors and large “real estate syndication companies” are scooping up Real Estate Owned properties in the banks portfolios.

    Santa Clarita mortgage brokersWhat is going to happen to those properties?  They are going to eventually come back onto the market for sale.  Most will at least. The remaining properties are going to enter the real estate market as Rentals.  However, that number will be much smaller.

    We posted our resources at Paris911 dot com and made them macbox capable.  Try the word “Foreclosures” in the MacBoX.  You can also type the word, “Local” into the macBoX if you have questions about dealing with local real estate agents.

    Here are the three news stories we talked about in this presentation from the Santa Clarita real estate agents at Paris911.com.

    We read an article by DS News that talked about the Delinquencies in mortgages becoming a bit less than last month.  It was reported that they were less in August than in July, going down to 6.87 percent.  These are those that have not been paying their mortgage for the first 30 day late that was reported to the credit bureaus.  I know what you are thinking, and yes, those numbers are tracked and for sale to those that are interested.  Click here for the article from DS news.

    Four people were arrested for a Real Estate Scheme in our State of California.  There are a lot of scams out in the world.  In fact, we watched as more became prevalent during this latest foreclosure and Short Sale market.  There were companies with clever names and with GREAT Search Engine Optimization.  When people were starting to search for Short Sales – there were on the page 1 results and many people were scammed for money that they did not have.  Watch out by only dealing with trusted professionals and read the story about the four arrested for the Ponzi Scheme.

    As you probably know, prices have been on the increase.  check out this report from DS News – I say this not to influence a buying decision on your part, I hate that.  I am only reporting the facts.  I foresee another dip in the real estate cycle coming.  That is because of all of the bulk sales taking place with residential real estate in the different cities in the country.  We also have been watching our Foreclosure Radar Resource and seeing the same events taking place.  If an investor buys from a Bulk Sale – they could purchase those properties anywhere from 40 to 60 cents on the dollar.  That means they could put those properties back on the market at 20% under Fair Market Value and still earn a 20 to 40% return on their invested capital.

    Hire local real estate experts, whether our team or another.  Just make sure you are being dealt with straight and never allow yourself to be talked(tricked) into anything concerning that may pan out to be the largest investment of your life.

    Here is a quick video about how to search for Foreclosures and the Bank owned inventory without having to sacrifice yourselves.  After the video concludes – you are going to be taken to our Main Real Estate Website of Paris911.com


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