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    • 09202012 – Real Estate websites don’t sell homes, they are selling agents

    09202012 – Real Estate websites don’t sell homes, they are selling agents

    In the real estate market you may find homes that are for sale when they are not.  I know this may bend you and how you think “advertising” should be – but in this case, it may not be the fault of the real estate agents.

    With not much of  a “rule book” when syndicating real estate listings, some sites keep them active even when they are not.  They keep them showing as being for sale when they had been sold earlier in the year.  The reason for this is those websites don’t really sell real estate.

    I know what you are thinking, “they must sell real estate – they have homes, condo’t and town-homes showing for sale…”  However, they are not selling houses – they are selling real estate agents.  That is their business model.  How can they get more leads and sell those leads for more money to real estate agents?  How can they get more agents to join their system because of those leads they are generating – increasing their bottom line all the way across the board?

    Unfortunately, some have to “cheat”.  I’ll put it this way, if someone owed an art store and that someone had the “Mona Liza” to sell – after they sold it, they may continue to say it’s for sale to generate more business for their gallery.

    Although it may do well for future business, it is cheating.  Some of the real estate syndication websites function in this very same way.

    The best way for you to keep safe with regard to your personal information is to use the Local Multiple Listing Service.  The syndication websites don’t offer this service – they are “syndication websites” 🙂 – Find a Local Santa Clarita real estate agent’s website and ask them if they have a real estate Multiple Listing Service system that is fed via an Internet Data Exchange agreement – That’s the trick – be safe…

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