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    • 09062012 – Santa Clarita real estate daily and High Pressure Sales Pitches

    09062012 – Santa Clarita real estate daily and High Pressure Sales Pitches

    I received a email this morning from a lender in the Santa Clarita Valley.  They are not someone we refer business to, but I thought the email was worth talking about.Don't trick your real estate clients - be straight with them

    The title said, “Use Rates to Create a Sense of Urgency.”

    I am sure I don’t need to say more, but I will.  Using anything to create a sense of “Urgency” is not the right thing to do, no matter how you slice it.

    I suppose if it is a “life or death” situation, to scream, “Put down that Gun, someone is going to die…”  May be appropriate when speaking about creating a sense of urgency.  The urgency is that someone is going to die.  In order to prevent this the Gun has got to be put down.

    With Real Estate, Getting a Home Loan or anything else on that scale, nothing is life or death.  Sure, if you get screwed on your loan, you are going to be paying more than you should.  If you get taken and are forced to buy a home that you don’t want – you are going to have a certain amount of years you are going to be unhappy with where you live.  In both circumstances, it is no where near life or death.

    How about just publishing the “market data?”  Why not giving the masses the FACTS without attempting to modify data or what you are writing in order to induce a buying or selling decision?  Who’d of thought that HONESTY would prevail in Santa Clarita real estate in today’s day and time?

    As part of our “Santa Clarita Real Estate Daily” show.  I have to give a Shout out to Jana Adkins with her GREAT Article about Education requirements with regard to becoming a Realtor (she was nice enough to quote me!) Click here for her Write up in the Santa Clarita New Paper – the Signal.

    Jana also had written about the Changes with some of the Lender Requirements – which was very appropriate.  You can view Here Write Up at this link.

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