Real Estate Searches – Registration required


    You know that we are very much against any forced registration.  But this Vision System will notify you when anything matching the criteria you enter comes onto the market for sale – at that very instant.

    But in order to notify you it needs your email address.  So, if you are wanting the system to work for you – then utilize it.  If you are concerned with the sharing your personal information with us, The Paris911 Team, Connor and Paris MacIVOR, 25101 The Old road, Santa Clarita, CA, 91381. 661-400-1720, (we are not a lead generation engine – we can be called if we every violate your trust..)

    If the concern still exists – then go to – it too is unlocked and updated several times per hour.  But it does not work while you are sleeping.  However, it does work very well…

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