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    This is the premier Home Search Engine for real estate within all of Southern California.

    There is no better system to use to search for home and real estate listings due to this system getting all of the home listings for sale directly from the Multiple Listing Services at the various Boards of Realtors. They are the true keepers of the real estate listings.

    The Real Estate syndication websites are lacking the proper permissions to have all of the valid real estate listings for sale online and within the online channels.

    They try to use work a roundsbut fail in the process in the eyes of the home searching public. We have had many of our clients contact us expressing dismay at the listings they are searching for and the lack of accuracy.

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    I’m Connor MacIvor and we have the BEST Search Tool for real estate and homes – try it out for yourself – click on the map above and enjoy our #SCVnest resource for homes and real estate searches.

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