Saugus California Real Estate Listings

    Saugus California became one of the communities that originally merged in 1987 to create the Santa Clarita Valley.  You might have heard of Saugus MA – this was named after the home town of Henry Newhall.

    It is also home to the Saugus Cafe – which still stands today as one of the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles County – Established in 1887!!!

    Here are all of the listings from Saugus CA – Enjoy and let us know here at the Paris911 Team if you need us to set you up on a search. We are With REMAX of Valencia for one reason and one reason alone – because it allows us to protect our Clients Better!!!

    Here is the gist of the stuff you see populating the page below this text.  The first item you will see is an interactive Google Map Interface that is showing listings in Saugus CA.  Each balloon signify’s a Real Estate listing for sale.  True Active Properites that are fed from the Source Data, The Local Board of Realtors.  Each portal is updated several times per hour so you don’t have to worry about running into listings that are not available.

    How to use the Map:  First you can zoom in closer to see more listings in Saugus CA.  To Zoom In just double click on the map with your left mouse button.  To zoom out – Double click with your right mouse button.  You can also move the map around to view different areas by holding down the left mouse button and dragging your mouse to another area.

    When you find a listing that is of interest – just click on the balloon and you will be taken to the data page that will have more pictures and much more detail about the specific Saugus CA listing.

    The top of the Map is changeable by you to fit your criteria reference to bedrooms, bathrooms, size of lot, and price.  You can modify these fields so the only listings that you will see reflective in the map are those you want to see.

    FYI – We do custom searches.  These Searches are for different property types, Foreclosures, REO, Bank Owned, short sales, and others.

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