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    Santa Clarita best RealtorsWelcome to the About Connor T. and Paris P. Macivor real estate page.

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    We are the local real estate agents who consult and represent our real estate clients who are buying and or selling real estate and homes within the Santa Clarita Valley in California. We also represent our clients in other cities within Southern California. We also have an extensive referral network in which we operate for those of you who are needing quality and top real estate consultation and representation services in other states and cities in the United States where we do not directly serve.

    Within the past several years – since our start in real estate (1998), Paris and I have continued to refine our real estate business model. ¬†We always put our Santa Clarita and Southern California real estate clients first, while shielding them from harm which may result from a “bad” real estate dealing.

    How our agent almost sunk our ship?

    Our entry into real estate was one of purpose. We were taken advantage by the agent which we hired to buy our first home.

    I remember being so frustrated because it seemed that everyone was lying for him. I needed to talk to him about things which happened after we moved into the home he sold us.

    I called, visited in person, spoke with his broker, everyone was covering for him. It was the worst experience I have ever had. I felt powerless and I was a full time LAPD cop – I almost needed therapy.

    I remember shooting radar with a partner of mine in east Los Angeles. He knew the story, heck – I told everyone on how this real estate agent took advantage of Paris and I. My partner asked if I had the agent’s phone number handy, I said yes. My partner said, “watch this”. He pulled out his cell phone – these were the days where they were not pocket sized. He had to open his top box of his LAPD police motorcycle to obtain it. He dialed my agent, said he has money and want to meet in order to buy a home. Without any issue, the appointment was set.

    To my x-agent’s surprise – I showed up and the rest was history. He made good on what he was obligated to by force, but he made good nevertheless.

    I wondered how often this happened to people who were buying real estate? I then started asking around and found I was not alone. I was not a singular specific event. The way in which our hired real estate agent took advantage of Paris and I was not unusual.

    As with being a cop was with me and my code. Protecting and serving the citizens of Los Angeles, I wanted to do the same in real estate. When it came to real estate consultation and representation.

    What makes your best Realtor?

    The bottom line when wanting to hire a Realtor is to ensure they are knowledgeable and experienced. This is something that can be inquired about upon your first face to face meeting.

    Face to Face – It’s very important for you to meet your prospective real estate agent in person. Real Estate is still too expensive to go the way of the travel agents. It’s necessary to use all your senses in the acquirement of a real estate agent. There are many – over 1 million Realtors, but some are not what you are going to want to utilize.

    We conduct all of our real estate buyer and real estate seller meetings in our offices at REMAX of Santa Clarita. It’s very rare for us to meet a “new client” at a real estate listing for sale before we have present the real estate crash course or interview. This is because there is a lot of information which needs to be talked about and a game plan that needs to be developed dependent on your personal needs.

    When you are ready for the Best Santa Clarita real estate representation, please reach out to me personally and I will take great care of you no matter what. If you cannot buy now, or don’t want to buy a home now, I will be eagerly awaiting the time you are. If you are a prospective real estate seller and not wanting to sell at the present time, I will be awaiting your green light to start the process to represent you.

    I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I’m glad to be of service to you and yours. I’ll be here as I have been thousands of other Santa Clarita real estate interested folks – both home buyers and sellers. Be safe – reach out to me when you are ready and please click on the links above for our indicated real estate services.

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