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    We have figured out that Real Estate is about the businesses that make up the community in which you call Home.

    With the Local Businesses in the Santa Clarita We owe a debt of gratitude.  The Santa Clarita Valley is where we live, raise our family and speak about our craft.  It the local business that contributes to the lifestyles, comfort and community relations of each and every homeowner and renter that calls Santa Clarita their home.

    Enter the advent of Santa Clarita Radio. We are not an AM or FM station.  We are internet based and have been blessed with Quite a Following on Twitter and Facebook.

    We want to interview local Business Owners so the community in Santa Clarita at large can get to know them and become moreRadio Advertising in Santa Clarita comfortable referring them business.  Referrals and word of mouth is the key to any Business. When a person connects via our SCVmoves Radio Show with a local Business – that relationship becomes more embedded in concrete.

    Strange things happen – The phone starts ringing more and the Analytics Data for that businesses website starts to climb.

    We have not the overhead that a “traditional” radio station might have.  We don’t have any sponsors (oh, they have called). We are Santa Clarita Realtors.  We can take a sellers home and place it in more places, giving it more exposure than any other real estate team.  We are “plugged” into the net quite extensively.  All we want to do is represent Sellers and Buyers of Real Estate – We are not Search Engine Optimizers or Internet Builders – But we can give something back for FREE!

    The brain child for our Santa Clarita Business Blog and Santa Clarita Radio Station came from the realization of how masterfully we can advertise for a Seller in Real estate and how well we can represent both sellers and buyers. Why not help contribute to the Local Business Owners with the Internet Methods and Technology we already have in place.

    We do this without charge and with no obligation to the Local Business Owner. We have also found a need to expand from Local to any Business that contributes to “better” quality of life for the residents of the SCV.

    Let us know how we can help you. Meet us at Chamber EventsSCV Concierge Networking – or at our offices at REMAX.  We also love meeting potential and current business owners at Starbucks it has become about the introduction and the relationship developing from there.

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