Better than a Sharp Stick in the Eye!

    My Dad had all sorts of clever sayings, this was just one.  Whenever he had something difficult, but not impossible, he would say “yup, better than a sharp stick in the eye.”

    There are some others that I cannot write here, as not to offend the reader.  But let us just say, now that he is resting at peace, I miss him greatly in that I’m not able to hear him utter them.

    Who is the most important part of a Real Estate Transaction? 

    That is the easiest question that I have had to answer today – that is YOU!!!

    Not being about the quick sale – or the Closing because my house payment is late.  We are about the long term relationship that comes about by the earning of Trust.

    With our backgrounds, we have never been those who take the giving of Trust for Granted.  In fact, I would say that I would like to earn your trust and eventually your business.

    Just because I am a pretty face (Connor writing), does not mean that you should automatically trust me or my devices.

    I would say this – interview a few agents, see what they are about, sit across from them at their desk and look deeply into their eyes and ask them the difficult questions.  In fact, you are doing the hiring and you should be conducting yourself as if you are interviewing for a potential employee in a Real Estate position.

    I would if I were not in this business.  In fact, I don’t always go with the first salesman that I encounter.  I do some searching.

    You will find that right person to represent you.  Just keep the faith and make sure their focus is not on the commission earned – but in the developing of you as a Life Time Client.

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