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Welcome to the number one local Santa Clarita real estate website. Consider the SCVnest site as your primary home search and valuation website for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. I am Connor MacIvor and I’m your local SCV – Santa Clarita Valley Realtor!

Santa Clarita Valley is a location. Santa Clarita is a city, Santa Clarita consists of several cities. If you are looking online for real estate, you are best served to search by the individual city names. Some websites may mislead you and talk about a home being located in the City of Santa Clarita. That would be a lie. The Multiple Listing Service does not have a selection when placing a new listing onto the Multiple Listing Service of Santa Clarita. The local Realtors must select the individual city where the home is located.

I’m all about security and protection of our real estate clients. So hence the information on where you should be searching for the most accurate Santa Clarita Valley real estate listings.

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Within the Santa Clarita Valley, there are six cities that are generally considered part of Santa Clarita Valley proper. These are the following:

There are two more Santa Clarita Valley cities that are considered as being “on the fringe”, but close enough that we are very active within and considered experts in their listing and sale efforts.

Besides these 8 Cities – the rest are going to be either located in Ventura County – Oxnard, Ojai, Ventura, and Santa Paula.  Antelope Valley – Palmdale, Lancaster, and Mojave. Then you have Los Angeles – the San Fernando Valley Cities, Greater Los Angeles and cities adjacent – such as Beverly Hills, the Inland Empire and Orange County.

I will include the directions to the Santa Clarita Valley from all of these cities, due to the large numbers of local homeowners that live in the SCV – Santa Clarita Valley, who commute to all of those locations.

Santa Clarita FAQ’s

The Santa Clarita Valley contracts with the Los Angeles Country Sheriffs with regard to local Law Enforcement.

The Santa Clarita Valley contracts with the Los Angeles County Fire Department for Fire services.

The Los Angeles County Fire department also accompanies all ambulance trips from the private company that the Santa Clarita Valley city hired.

The Santa Clarita Valley does not have their own police department. They contract with the Sheriff’s department of Los Angeles County.

Spectrum Cable, AT&T, Dish Network, and others are available locally.

Most areas are accessible by T-mobile, Verizon and ATT cellular networks.

The Santa Clarita Valley uses Southern California Edison for electricity.

Santa Clarita uses Southern California Gas for the gas service.

Santa Clarita Valley uses various water companies for water, depending on location.

  • Santa Clarita Water – 661-259-2737
  • Valencia Water Company:  661-294-0828
  • Newhall Water Company:  661-259-3610

Call with your address and they will tell you which water service company is your go to. They have always been nice when I have had my clients call.

I have a Santa Clarita utility page that will serve you well.

More Santa Clarita Valley FAQ’s – We moved to Santa Clarita back in 1996.

We came from modest means. My wife Paris was a server at a restaurant and I was an LAPD cop.

When we bought our first home, in 1996, our Santa Clarita real estate agent took full advantage of our youth and neophyte nature.

We became realtors to stand up for ourselves and others that wanted to buy and sell real estate.

Santa Clarita Valley’s main commerce center is the Westfield Shopping mall located at McBean Parkway and Valencia Blvd. The four corners of the Valencia Mall are McBean and Magic Mountain Parkway. Magic Mountain Parkway and Valencia Blvd – then back to Valencia and McBean Parkway.

Santa Clarita City hall is located at 23920 Valencia Blvd #120, Valencia, CA 91355 and their phone number is  (661) 259-2489.

Directions to the Santa Clarita Valley

From Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, Studio City and 405 Friendly cities, plus the Inland Empire and Riverside County areas.

The five freeway is one of our two main arteries for transit and commute. The Santa Clarita Valley is accessible via the five freeway and the fourteen freeway.

From the Los Angeles areas take the 101 freeway to the 170 or the 405 freeway – then take either of those until they merge with the 5 freeway.

From the Inland Empire – take the 10, 605 or 210 freeways until they merge with the 5 freeway. Go North!

From the Five freeway continue past the 14 freeway and after you crest the hill in the next 1.5 miles or so, you now are in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our southern border is the northern border of the Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

From here you can exit Calgrove and head to the right, accessing the City of Newhall zip code 91321. If you were to turn west, or left at the end of the Calgrove off-ramp, then turn right – or northbound on The Old Road, at the Tri-Light signal, then you’d be venturing into Stevenson Ranch CA – Zip code 91381.

Continuing up the 5 freeway, to the north, the next exit is Lyons Ave. Lyons to the west – accessed by turning left, would take you to the midpoint of Stevenson Ranch just past The Old Road. Lyons Changes into Pico Canyon and continues past Stevenson Ranch Parkway. If you were to turn right on Stevenson Ranch Parkway, you’d be in the heart of what is considered Stevenson Ranch. Stevenson Ranch Parkway continues and changes names to McBean Parkway.

If you were to take Lyons Ave. to the east, or accessed by turning right, you would have Newhall CA on the right side and Valencia CA – to your left – Zip Code 91355.

Lyons Ave. also intersects with Wiley Canyon – if you were to turn left – and head to the north, you’d be entering the Old Orchard Are of the Valencia 1 area.

Continuing to the north on the 5 Freeway from Lyons, you will have figured out that McBean and Stevenson Ranch Parkway become one in the same and the 5 freeway passes over the changing point.

By exiting McBean, turning to the left – West – you will observe McBean Parkway change names to Stevenson Ranch Parkway. By turning to the right – or easterly, you pass Cal Arts – then you will see that you are going to be driving through what some consider the heart of Valencia CA. You will see Henry Mayo Hospital on McBean as you pass Orchard Village, continuing through you will pass Granary Square and the Ralph Fresh Fare Market. Wholefoods is not much further at the very next signal of Del Monte, then onto where Valencia Boulevard passes McBean and you’ll see the Westfield Towncenter Mall.

If you were to continue past Mcbean on the 5 freeway, you will arrive at Valencia Blvd. Valencia Blvd to the east will change names as you approach Bouquet Canyon and it becomes Soledad Canyon Road.

Valencia Blvd. to the east passes College of the Canyons then continues to the Valencia Summit, the Woodlands of Valencia, then to McBean Parkway and the Valencia Towncenter Mall.

If you were to head west on Valencia Blvd. you would end up passing The Old Road and enter Westridge, 91381.

By continuing on the 5 freeway, the next exit is Magic Mountain Parkway, if you were to head to the west, passing The Old Road, you would arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain. To the east, you would get to McBean Parkway, by turning North – you will encounter the Post office, Bridgeport in Valencia, pass Newhall Ranch Road, then drive past the Bridgeport Marketplace, Northbridge of Valencia and Northpark of Valencia. If you were to take McBean to its termination then turn to the left, west, you will find the community of Tesoro Del Valle in Valencia.

The next exit from the 5 freeway in the Santa Clarita Valley is going to be Newhall Ranch Road. Newhall Ranch Road opened up some time ago and turns into Golden Valley just past Bouquet Canyon Road. Golden Valley connects to the 14 freeway South of Sierra Highway.

Now that I have covered the directions to the Santa Clarita Valley from most of the outlying areas in and around Los Angeles, I want to talk about the various communities and neighborhoods.

Santa Clarita Valley Neighborhoods

We have 8 distinct communities that we represent both Buyers and Sellers of real estate within the inside of the Santa Clarita Valley cities – here is a glimpse into each one.

By the Way, if you want to see what any property is currently worth, don’t trust the online systems that will tell you that they are going to give you an instant valuation for your home, they may but they are also going to sell your address to real estate agents which won’t leave you alone.

Encrypted and Secure Home Valuation for Santa Clarita homes – this system is mine. I vouch for it and I guarantee that I, Connor MacIvor, am the only person who is going to see your query.

Valencia California real estate

Valencia CA consists of Zip Codes 91354 and 91355. William S. Hart is the School District. Valencia is most accessible via McBean Parkway, Valencia Blvd, Magic Mountain Parkway and Newhall Ranch Road.

Paris and I live in Valencia CA and have raised a family therein. Our children attended Valencia Valley, then Bridgeport Elementary, Rio Norte High School and Valencia High School.

Valencia has a few nice Golf Courses – the private Valencia Country Club, Tournament Players Club – TPC, and Vista Valencia Golf.

The lower end condos were apartment conversions and start, as of September 2018, for a small two bedroom, in the Mid 250’s.

Real Estate goes from the low end, at the Mid 250k’s to Millions of dollars. We have Condominiums, Senior Housing Communities, townhomes, single family residences, estate homes, and multi-family dwellings.

Valencia CA has some of the best public schools that Santa Clarita Valley has to offer. Most are Blue Ribbon awarded. Talk about a bonus if you have your kids in private schools within Los Angeles or other cities – this will free up some money.

Valencia CA has a wonderful Paseo System. Being that Valencia CA is a master planned community, the Paseo’s were well throughout and the power lines run underground in most of the areas within Valencia.

Stevenson Ranch California

Stevenson Ranch CA – not incorporated yet. Fire services offered by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Law Enforcement services by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Which also serve the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Joining zip codes of 91381 with Westridge, Stevenson Ranch CA has some wonderfully appointed real estate. You can get an entry level condo in Stevenson Ranch in the neighborhood of $400,000.00.

Stevenson Ranch has an Albertsons Super Market, a Vons and Walmart across The Old Road. It also has Pico Canyon which extends to some of the best mountain walking I have found.

The homes increase in price into the Millions of Dollars with multiple bedrooms and large view lots.

Stevenson Ranch is located within rough and unmanicured terrain on its edges. There have been fires from time to time, but none that have engulfed any homes.


The other Santa Clarita Valley Cities are awesome as well. For example, if you want to be closer to a Lake, I’d talk with you about Castaic CA. Castaic is accessed a couple of exits from Magic Mountain Parkway and has access to Castaic Lake. Boating, water skiing, and fishing.

Castaic has lower end townhomes to multi-million dollar homes on large lots of land.


Saugus is viewed by many to be an incredible value as far as real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley is concerned.

This is because it’s not super freeway friendly, which causes the price per square foot to be reduced, but the quality of schools and housing to remain high as you’d find in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch.

From some of the further areas of Saugus to either the 14 or the 5 freeway, you are looking at a 15 minute commute time at most.


Newhall is the original city located in the Santa Clarita City.

I can find you affordable housing in Newhall from Condos to multi-million view estates at the top of the mountains with huge views.

Newhall is best accessed from the 14 freeway from Newhall Ave. and from the 5 freeway from Lyons Ave.

Canyon Country

Canyon Country is most often referred to the best 14 freeway choice for living in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Depending on location and wherein Valencia you wish to go, most take the 14 freeway south to the 5 freeway north, so they don’t have to cut through the Santa Clarita Valley.

Due to the future development, including the new Golden Valley extension to Newhall Ranch road, it has shortened the 14 freeway to 5 freeway commute considerably.

Condos, Town-homes, and large ranch style homes on acreage are all for sale in Canyon Country CA.

Santa Clarita commute times

For those of you who drive – here are the commute times, approximations from the Santa Clarita Valley to other local cities where a lot of people commute to work. Remember Rush Hour – this changes things. Crashes and collisions change commute times – be aware.

BTW, if you are new to living further from work, most travel apps will show you the issues on the freeway in red they will also give you other travel suggestions. Use them and your life will be much happier 🙂

  • Valencia to Downtown Los Angeles – not rush hour. 37 minutes via the 5 freeway, to the 170, to the 101, exit Los Angeles St.
  • Valencia to Studio City CA – 27 minutes – from the 5 freeway to the 170 to the 101 freeway, Universal City Exit.
  • Valencia CA to Disneyland – 60 minutes – 5 freeway all the way.
  • Valencia to Venice Beach – 39 minutes – 5 freeway to the 405 freeway to the 10 freeway west, to 4th street, Take Neilson Way to Dudley Ave in Los Angeles. Say hi to Arnold for me, please!
  • Valencia to Las Vegas – 4 hours and 8 minutes – 5 freeway south to the 14 freeway north, or you can take Newhall Ranch Road to Golden Valley to the 14 freeway north. Exit Sierra Highway, in Palmdale, take the 138 east to the 15 freeway north in Victorville, then go to Las Vegas.

I’ll be here when you are ready. Please make sure you check out my Santa Clarita real estate blog to keep up to date related to Santa Clarita real estate market activity.

My phone number is at the top of this page and I’ll be sure to be here for you and those you know concerning Santa Clarita real estate. I’m Connor MacIvor and I’m happy to have served in real estate since 1998!

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