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It comes down to what people think about the way we handle their real estate business that makes a huge difference. I have been representing real estate buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities since 1998. During that time I have had several renditions of our websites and changes to our mission statement. The primary focus has never changed. We have flourished in multiple types of real estate markets because we have always adhered to the golden rule. Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

This carries into our real estate business in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

I want to meet with you in person or over the phone. We will need to talk and plan out your real estate strategy. There is no point in approaching real estate before getting everything on the table to we can establish the best direction to go. After we figure out that, the answer to the question of how we are going to get there will be easy.

I love Santa Clarita real estate. I am Blessed by God and by my real estate clients.

Welcome to the number one local Santa Clarita real estate website. Consider the SCVnest site as your primary home search and valuation website for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. I am Connor MacIvor and I’m your local SCV – Santa Clarita Valley Realtor!

Santa Clarita Valley is a location. Santa Clarita is a city, Santa Clarita consists of several cities. If you are looking online for real estate, you are best served to search by the individual city names. Some websites may mislead you and talk about a home being located in the City of Santa Clarita. That would be a lie. The Multiple Listing Service does not have a selection when placing a new listing onto the Multiple Listing Service of Santa Clarita. The local Realtors must select the individual city where the home is located.

I’m all about security and protection of our real estate clients. So hence the information on where you should be searching for the most accurate Santa Clarita Valley real estate listings.

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Within the Santa Clarita Valley, there are six cities that are generally considered part of Santa Clarita Valley proper. These are the following:

There are two more Santa Clarita Valley cities that are considered as being “on the fringe”, but close enough that we are very active within and considered experts in their listing and sale efforts.

Besides these 8 Cities – the rest are going to be either located in Ventura County – Oxnard, Ojai, Ventura, and Santa Paula.  Antelope Valley – Palmdale, Lancaster, and Mojave. Then you have Los Angeles – the San Fernando Valley Cities, Greater Los Angeles and cities adjacent – such as Beverly Hills, the Inland Empire and Orange County.


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